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Camry CR 4071

he Camry CR 4071 blender gives you the possibility to quickly and effectively prepare fruit and vegetable cocktails, smoothies, diary drinks, and even cream soups.

Prepare at home and take with you

The CR 4071 blender has been designed not only for everyday home use. The drinks are prepared in one of two cups (of either 0,5 or 1l) that can be closed with a special lid and comfortably taken outside. You will be able to enjoy a fresh cocktail or smoothie at work, during a walk, or when on a longer trip. The lid is equipped with a mouthpiece so that you do not have to open and close it all the time. Apart from that you can use the cups for storing your cocktails in the fridge. Sometimes it can be a great idea to prepare a cocktail in advance so that it is ready when you feel like drinking it.

Tasty and healthy

What is going to the blender today? Raspberries, strawberries, or maybe bananas and kiwi, or spinach and nuts? It is all up for to you to decide! Any time you can use what is available and prepare yourself exactly the cocktail that you want. Use the existing recipes or create your own ones – the possibilities are endless. Apart from the great taste, the fruit and vegetable cocktails and smoothies are are a true vitamin bomb. They provide you with a lot of nutrients and boost your energy. Great taste for the health of you and your family!

Availability of product: not available
Delivery date: 06 week
EAN code: 5908256839427
Net weight 1 pce: 3 kg
Gross weight 1 pce: 3 kg
Giftbox dimensions: 299.2 x 21 x 26 cm
Carton dimensions: 62.5 x 45.5 x 28.7 cm
Pieces in carton: 4